We think it’s about time people in the hospitality industry were paid a fairer wage and didn’t have to rely on the tips of the paying customer to subsidise what they take home. As the founding member we pay all our team £9 or more per hour, individual performance bonuses and a share of the company profits if we hit our targets. Harry Cragoe, owner of The Gallivant.



You don’t tip when you get great service in a shop so why should you in a restaurant or hotel?  Great service shouldn’t be ‘extra’.  Did you know it’s common practice for tips to be distributed based on length of service and title and not on individual performance?  We think this is inherently unfair.  And can someone explain what the sentence ‘a discretionary service charge has been added to your bill’ actually mean?  We think it’s a cynical way for employers to dodge paying VAT and NI on your tip and help subsidise their staff payroll.  This isn’t ethical.



These are the forward thinking restaurants and hotels in the UK that have joined us by abolishing tipping and pay all their staff a fair wage as standard. Most if not all also pay their team performance bonuses based on individual performance. Happy staff make happy customers. It’s a pretty simply formula.